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Key Features
As the actual practice of law online, we are distinguished from any  competitor in several ways:
In-House AND  Out  Consulting
Along with being able to consult with your client by video, you can also "invite" another member of your firm into the conversation, even if they are not in the office at the time. As long as they are logged in, you can invite them in. This feature is perfect for training law students or new lawyers as they can connect with their professors or associates from anywhere. 
CTMA's reporting system keeps track of each online transaction which includes the date, time, and year the consulation took place, client's name, attorney's name, how long the consultation lasted and the dollar amount paid to each attorney. These reports are available for your viewing at any time. 
Switchboard was added so you can utilize your existing  staff.  The video connection was designed to be answered and transferred just like a telephone call. You can be on-sight or anywhere in the world and still provide legal services as long as you are logged in. 
Payment Processing 
This process protects your firm and your clients personal information. After the client e-signs the engagement letter/retainer agreement and sends it back to you, your client will put in their credit/debit card information prior to the consultation. CTMA does not retain any personal information your clients provide. You can set fees such as per minute, per hour, flat rate, consultation fee, or no charge and change that method at any time, for any type of client.  
Merchant Services
Be more efficient in processing your monthly invoicing statements online, via email, and revel in a steady income stream. Eliminate those peaks and valleys - Pay Your Bill Online (purchased separately) through our associate company, NetLaw Merchant Services, Inc., also a Michigan Corporation.
For both you and your clients! For clients who would normally lose time from work and can now consult with you from anywhere is invaluable. And for you, you can be on a beach in Maui and still produce income!  
Our consulting feature is unique and fosters consulting arrangements not just between members in your law firm or members of other law firms, but with any non-legal professionals you may currently have a relationship with (i.e. accountants, therapists, psychologists, nursing homes, etc.). This feature allows your contacts to establish a video communication with you right from their own facility. This provides immediate legal advice for their patients, customers and/or clients and puts you in touch with a new brick and mortar client. CTMA can invite up to 5 individuals simultaneously in one conference.  
In concert with INTER-LINGUA, we are initially offering legal services in three languages: 
Language Services
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
Certified Legal Translation and Interpreter services will be included.

INTER-LINGUA charges attorneys separately from CTMA and will be
available upon scheduled appointments. 
Encrypted Document Exchange
With Limited Scope Representation now in motion in the State of Michigan, you will be able to  attract new clients and grow your practice more efficiently. You and your clients can exchange documents with each other and you can store those documents into the client's folder in your server. Text messages and work product will also have that ability to be saved in that folder. 
The reporting system is significant because once a bar number is registered in CTMA's system it cannot be duplicated. Meaning, if an associate is no longer employed by your law firm, their Bar ID cannot be released from CTMA without the managing partner's written consent. This feature was designed to enforce any employment restrictions your firm may have with your associates online. This is also to ensure that you remain in control of your employed attorneys online just as you would do so in your normal daily practice. 
You Control Video Option
​One of the many great things about CTMA is that all participants have control of their own video. There have been many occasions when the Founder, Peter J. Staver, had clients who just didn't want to be on video for a simple question and that's OK.  That's why we made video an option for all involved.  All communication can be done by either  voice or video.