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Get paid today for the legal services you provide today!
When a client makes the connection with the attorney of their choice [you], they will be asked to provide their credit/debit card information before the "privileged" consultation begins. Upon completion of the consultation, you charge your client's card and, those funds are directly deposited into your firm's account. 
The CTMA platform does NOT retain any personal
 information your clients provide.
Research has shown that it takes a minimum of 3 hours out of a client's day just to meet with an attorney for 1 hour. Most have to leave work early, take longer lunches and even find babysitters, all for which most don't get paid. With CTMA, you are able to fit into your client's schedules. You are not only saving them time and money, you have gained their trust and confidence that you will be there when they need you. 
According to LexisNexis (2014), ...76% of people search online to find an attorney and 60% of the adult internet users will need an attorney at some point in their lives...". Let their online experience with you be what keeps them coming back. 
CTMA combines your need to provide the best legal service you can with your clients need for an easier, convenient and faster way to reach you. It also provides:
Credibility.  Clients are reaching out directly to you through your website. This provides a client with confidence and a sense of assurance that they are speaking with a real, licensed attorney. No emails, no DIY forms, just plain old fashioned face-to-face customer service, the 21st Century way.
AdaptabilityCTMA expands (not replaces) the functionality of your existing brick and mortar law firm and is completely adoptable to the current methods of practicing law. 
Security. Our platform is a comprehensive WebRTC based, peer-to-peer encrypted connection between you and the client. Only you and the client can use the channel - the audio and video cannot be accessed by any other party, including the initiating server. connectTMA.com is proud to say that we are also HIPAA and TeleMedicine compliant. 
Validation. The complete verification process of video and encrypted document transfer (coming soon !) ensures that each new client is over the age of 18, that their issues are within your scope of practice and the applicable laws are met.  
Financial Savings. Utilize your existing clerical staff and/or law clerks to accept and transfer video consults. Using CTMA, you [your firm] can be available up to 28 hours more per week with no added overhead costs - ask us how ! CTMA is beneficial to new attorneys hanging up their own shingle, semi-retired and want to work from home or new mom's wanting to keep the schedule light.
Expand Geographic RadiusConnects anyone, from anywhere in the world that has a legal issue in a firm's state. 

Just think about that for a moment -   how far can you reach?
MobilityThe ability to have a [paid], privileged, consultation with a new or existing client from anywhere in the world via your desktop or any Android device. 
(People will leave their home without their sunglasses, but will go back home for their cell phones).