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Attorneys, whether sole practitioners or members of a large firm, are customers of connectTMA.com.  CTMA is the complete solution for the practice of law in your brick and mortar business, with the option of conducting the same business on any Android device. Clients can now reach out to you online in a convenient, efficient and economical manner knowing that their communications with you can remain confidential. 
connectTMA.com (to my attorney), a/k/a CTMA, began its journey as NetLaw, Inc. Its Founder, Peter J. Staver, wanted to create a video solution for his clients to have better access to him and his firm. connectTMA.com is a WebRTC browser based, peer-to-peer encrypted proprietary software with video and audio programming  to ensure a secure attorney/client "privileged"  (yes, I said privileged) communication and is adoptable in all  brick and mortar law firm environments. 
connectTMA.com IS  the practice of law ONLINE!